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1992 Celica GTS Clicking Sound Below Glove Box

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Just developed a clicking noise below the glove box while the car is running. If the key is just on accessory nothing. Turned off the fan, air conditioning, radio, lights, etc but can't discover where the sound is coming from. Sounds like a noisy analog clock ticking ever 5 seconds or so.

Any and all ideas on what else to look at would be appreciated.


After further investigation (now that's it's dark out), I've discovered that I have no gauge lights or console shift (automatic) lights. The idiot lights work and the ECT light flashes with each click. Dome and exterior are all OK.
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Fixed (Bad Relay)

After lengthy investigation on the Net I've discovered a bad relay switch for the A/C was causing the issue. Tracked by sound and touch. You can actually feel them clicking inside the housing.
Dumb question here, but this A/C relay didn't make any sound when the A/C was not turned on, right?

When the A/C was turned on, did the A/C work properly?

If it did, then the relay was still working (as your A/C compressor does cycle depending upon conditions and the amount of refrigerant you have in the system), but the relay may just have started making a bit more noise than you were used to.
A/C hasn't ran cold in years, after I pulled it though the noise switched sides of the car and I also had to pull the Tail Light Relay. (Works the driving lights, glove box, etc). Though quiet as can be now. A/C I can live without but I will be replacing the other Relay.

Thanks for responding!
Your response tells me you have a slight amount of pressure in your A/C system yet to turn on the A/C compressor, but shortly after the A/C compressor comes on, the pressure drops too far, and the A/C compressor shuts off. When off, the pressure builds again until the A/C compressor kicks back on. And the cycle continues. You wouldn't get much, if any, cold air from this kind of operation. But your A/C relay must have cycled too often due to this situation and started making noise. It likely works, but wouldn't work much longer.
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