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1992 Corolla cold air intake, headers, cat-back

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Alright finally got some pictures of my girlfriend's ride now. Let me know what yall think about it so far.

The front.

The back.

When it had Short Ram Intake.

New Custom Cold Air Intake.

Another CAI pic.

Yet Another CAI pic.

And once again another CAI pic.

This is where the Filter sits.

Picture of the Headers.

And i had to relocate the battery to the trunk because the CAI piping wouldn't fit.

Bottom part of the Headers.

Picture of the 2.25" Piping i put.

Pioneer DEH-P6500 cd player

Kenwood Tweeters

Coustic Front and Rear speakers.
Future plans are 17" rims(haven't decided yet), Drift body kit, new paint job, and maby a 50-75 Shot of nitriuos(not sure though). Its my girlfriend's car so i'm not sure yet. I'm getting my own 1992 Corolla and dropping a MR2 Turbo engine into it, so when i finally get it all done i'll post the pics up. Leave feedback letting me know what yall think.
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nice, but i would definaly ditch the walmart crome hub caps, those things are fugly.

and maybe a different muffler, fart cans are bad.

nice job on everything else though
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