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I have a 1992 paseo that my daughter ran out of oil about 2 years ago. It has sat until I had time to mess with it. I recently purchased a 4efte with automatic transmission and cut wiring harness. The wiring looks like it is gonna be a night mare. Also the exhaust is not an exact match. I understand that the ecu may also need switching.

I’m new at this but pretty handy with a wrench. Is there a sort of patch harness to go between the paseo harness and the 4efte engine? Do I need to replace the ECU or is there a covertor for this? Is there an exhaust pipe made or would I do better to have one made?

In surfing through what I can find on the net, it appears that many front mount their intercoolers. Is there an advantage to this? Is there a kit for this?

My intent for this car is for my enjoyment and more efficient transportation. I don’t intend to race it, but like the idea of a peppy car to run around in.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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