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1992 Landcruiser

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I have a 92 Landcruiser that is stuck in differential lock mode. Any suggestions?
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I have a 92 Landcruiser that is stuck in differential lock mode. Any suggestions?
I had that problem recently. turned out that I had a front brake problem- causing a bind on drive-train. Possible it could be associated with relay/control box located in kicker panel on drivers side.
where/when did this happen? have you driven the vehicle since it's been stuck?
I just had this problem on a 1992, turned out to be the CDL-relay to the transmission. It's an electronic part that connects to the auto-trans. This is what engages and disengages the center locks. When it's stuck in " on - engaged " mode, makes turning difficult and feels heavy. About $260 worth of parts and 2 hrs of shop time if you have it done by a mechanic. The diagnosis is what eats up most of the time. Hope this helps!
Thank goodness mine was my front right caliper hung up causing a bind on the drive line- forcing my landcruiser into differential lock mode. I was stressing on the cause- until I realized what it was- and fixed it in no time at all. every time I would try to turn my wheel- it would make a god awful sound in the drive train. I had just pulled off the highway to get some gas. from stop sign, I realized that my differential lock light was on. quickly trying to push button in hopes of disengaging it to no such luck. after I managed to get it off the road, I called a flatbed wrecker to retrieve it and return it home for inspection. I took out the box in the drivers side kicker panel and took it apart and tested it per FSM. after realizing it wasnt this- I went and checked every connection and wire for problems and found none. Then I started to worry that maybe it was mechanical and a possible break in the drive train- i jacked up the FJ80 and removed front tires to start inspecting drive line components- It was then, that I found my front right caliper was missing a stud and was out of alignment. turns out- it was binding with my rim and wore into rim - causing farther problems. Needless to say, I installed a bolt and installed my spare tire and fired it up and drove it to town with no farther differential lock problems.
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