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Hello all - not my first post here, but I am pretty new.
Got a 1992 Paseo with 109,xxx on the clock [supposed junk yard motor swap with cluster, car supposedly has about 30k more on it]

I'm at 117,xxx now - the cam/crank seals and timing belt were supposedly changed before I got it, I just swapped both axles [for busted boots] and did a clutch job because the rear main was leaking oil in to the clutch area. The actual clutch, flywheel, p.plate were in good shape, just very very oily.
So when I got the car, it had an AC/PS squeal - new belts were installed with the timing belt, a little tension on the AC/PS belt and the squeal was gone [belt WAS tooooo loose]
Recently [slighty before the clutch, and more after] I've been having a very intermittent squeal at startup[of course getting more.... mittent? as time passes]. And then sometimes another as I pull off, car warmed up to where the needle at least touches the bottom line on the temp gauge, another squeal. I was thinking PS pump/pulley from the get-go.
Anyway - after the clutch swap, it's gotten somewhat worse. I am thinking because of the temp outside getting much colder, and the clutch was just coincidental timing.
So - I was thinking PS pump or AC clutch needs replaced / bearing. The other day, went to leave out for work, and it squealed on startup, and then had the bearing "eeek-a eeek-a eeek-a" sound, very quietly [only discernible from outside the car]
Figured for the AC clutch. Popped the hood - 100% not the AC/PS belt. Squeal is from the back - I am almost ALMOST certian it's the alternator [which was an oil...block before I cleaned it, from the previous cam/crank seal leak]
Drove my Integra for a few days, then decided to take the paseo out yesterday. Silent. It was a warm day here.
Got in the Paseo today. Squeal on startup. Quiet eeek-a eeek-a until I'd driven 3-5 miles and fully warmed up, and a good squeal on any acceleration from 0mph in first gear. Squeal got less noticeable as I warmed up. Squeal in neutral with a throttle blip, hood up, ears open.
Gave her the old stick in the ear [breaker bar on the engine bit] - even with the car actually making the noise at idle, I couldn't determine via the phoney mechanics stethoscope I rigged if it was the alternator or the water pump. Sure sounds like, just standing over the engine, that it's the alternator.
Also, *I* personally have never had a water pump make the typical belt squeal sound. I've had Honda's with the WP run by the timing belt, Geo Metro's where it's outside, old trucks where it's a 20 minute job to change etc. They usually weep first. Or just seize and snap the belt. Never heard the typical squeal sounds on a WP before - but maybe that's just me.
I *THINK* the paseo isn't a hard WP job, except for the motor mount, it's external, and it looks like the timing cover may be able to stay where it's at. It's not leaking [I've had em seize up with no leaks before - but no typical belt squeal either]

Anyway - it's cold, I've got lots of titanium-steel body parts, I'm not trying to pull the WP/Alternator belt and diddle the pulleys to see which seems worse if I can help it [although I may have to]
Any suggestions as to diagnosis as simply as possible, and is anyone aware re: water pump replacement - if it's as easy as I am hoping.

Also - there are literally zero Paseo's in decent shape at the yards east of the Mississippi. Will a tercel alternator work in the paseo?

Thanks all - Mark

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If it's same engine, alternator should work? Check alternator part# on some Toyota parts sites to confirm.
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