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Hey guys I have some plans for my paseo however I’m somewhat new and uninformed on a few things.

So I have most of the turbo components for my 92 paseo (ct9 with stock manifold), I eventually do want to turbo it but I was kind of looking into putting 5efhe cams in it as I probably won’t go the turbo route for a while. Is that something that’s pretty simple to install? Is it worth it? Also if I was eventually to turbo it would I put the 5efe cams back in? So far in terms of “performance” I have a custom cold air intake installed with an aluminum sheet. I do have headers for it as well which are currently uninstalled.

I’m also going to be wanting to keep my AC as it’s my daily driver so would that require an oil filter relocation with the turbo? If so is that smart? Any good places to mount it?

Any feedback is appreciated,

Thank you!
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