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1993 4dr Toyota Camry

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I am selling my 1993 Lx toyota camry. I am seeing what i can get for the car. I am buying a new one so this car has to go. I have all records of the car and where it was fixed and what was need. here are the details.

The car has 139,000 miles
its black with sliver trim
tan interior
new tires
new battery and alternator

The bad news, the motor is blown and i dont really feel like putting in 14hrs of work or even trying to put another motor in this car. So best offers take it. E-mail me at [email protected] will post pic's in a few days
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Got any pictures, is the car located in springfield?
yes the car is in springfield Ohio i will take pictures today...
TN rules say you NEED to post asking price.. please do so, its a FOR SALE forum not an AUCTION.
i would like 1500 but i will take what i can get
I Can Give You $500 If You Deliver It To Toronto.
Sorry no why the car has every record of where it was worked on plus new tires and a few other parts. Plus shipping would run you a $1000.00
^what is the body condition in?

i have a 'heavily' mod'd 3vz-fe but the body is pretty much gone at this point, OHIO isnt too far from me as well, i couldnt pay for another month or two though so i can get back on my feet financially after christmas, keep the tires and sell them if you want i dont need them, i just need the body, hell you could sell the engine as well to a junkyard for some $$

is it auto or manual??
auto e-mail me at [email protected] and i will give you some more info
Sorry If this thread is old and dead but i havent been online because my computer took a dive. But pm me if anyone is still interested. need this things gone really bad. Bought a new car and it comes this week. I need to make room
camry for sale

whats the price, I'm about 3 hours away
If you did 900.00 or best offer i would let it go car and all spare parts.....
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