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1993 4X4 fuel pump connector

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I own a 1993 Toyota 4X4 22R-E engine with 138k miles.
I recently got a bad tank of fuel (probably alot of water) and the engine has been stumbling since. I want to drop the fuel tank
to check the pump, but I’m stuck trying to disconnect the pump power connector. This connector has a different latch setup than any of the others on the vehicle. None of the manuals are any help.
Has anyone had this experience and what do I need to do to get it to release?
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This connector is different because it doesn't have the typical latch that you depress with your thumb.
The latch has a "u" shaped channel cut into it.
This channel enters a bale and behind the bale is
a oval shaped plastic part and behind that another larger
bale. Looks like it takes a special tool to release the catch. I tried drepressing the oval piece with no luck!
Finally was able to release this connector. Shell is on the main harness side-plug on small harness connected at the tank.
It took a drop light and a mirror to find the tab on the back side of this connector . Then working blind I was about to get the tip of a small screwdriver between the tab and the catch. Separated the the plug using a small pair of pliers:)
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