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I was wondering if anyone has seen a 93 toyota 4x4 22re auto made in jap....come with the axle code g252 4.55 gears...i thought most came with 4.30's if they where automatic.....could this have been a option? Is there a way to tell if it was factory with 31's tires?
any info would be great

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Most V6 5 speed trucks have 4.56's with the factory 31" tires, but the axle code is G254, which is a 4-pinion 4.56 diff. I don't know if there's any "most common" combination, you can only go by the tag info. Automatics
will generally have a lower ratio to help with the gutless factor.
Some 22RE+automatic 4Runners even have factory 2-pinion 4.88's. Not sure about the trucks, though.
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