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1993 toyota camry check engine light

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my dads 93 camry keeps throwing a CE light but he says it runs fine. how would i go about scanning for a code since it is a 93?
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go to autozone, they'll pull the code for free
he can't it's too old.
get the manual it'll tell you how to do it on your own.
The one time the CE light came on, it was the oxygen or O2 sensor. Costed $120 for each to replace - there were two in my V6.

Had it replaced by a local tire guy.. I'm sure the dealer would've charged a lot more.

Good luck.
jump pins e1and te1 in the test port under the hood and watch the check light blink, and you can jump it with a paper clip.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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