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1993 toyota camry se v6 5spd

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i have 93 camry se, its time to get rid of it because its kinda killin my wallet more and more every month. now that i have changed the old power steering pump because it failed and caused my fan too stop running. so i replaced it with a remanufactured one and got the same result. the reman pump doesnt come with the control valve so i had to use my old one. and i think that is the cause. but i put too much man hours in the car and now i have no time to mess with it, so unfortunately its time to let it go. :disappoin

it has:
- new timing belt and water pump
- new plug and wires
- new rear brake drum rotor and pads
- new pads and cut rotor in the front
- 2 new idler pulleys
- new motor mounts (except for dogbone)
- remanufactured powersteering pump without the control valve
-tein s.techs from solara

so yea thats it, the car still runs and starts it doesnt need a clutch, if the pump is fixed its a get in a drive car. clean title and already inspected.

im askin $1800 negotiable im located in Patchogue, New York Suffolk long island. no pics right now the only thing i have is when i first posted the car it looks exactly the minus the wheels its got the stockies on there now
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How many miles? Looks clean. I'm nowhere near NY, but I'll bump.
Damn man. If I had time to go over there.
160k im givin it a couple more days and then ill be forced to keep and fix it
my cam just spun a rod bearing, so i might be interested in your car for a swap, im in staten island, NY.

send me a PM =)
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