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Sup guys new to the forum.

I'll be buying a haynes/chilton shortly but just wanted some quick info

Just bought a 1994 Shortbed 2wd with about 130 000 on the clock for $2400

Runs really smooth

Looks like a little oil leak out of the gasket near the firewall side of the cam cover and thats about it for things wrong with it. This seems to be pretty common with the toyota pickups from what I have read. Hopefully not a big problem.

Well i'll be doing a tune up this weak any suggestions what to not get. I'll be getting mostly oem stuff but a early warning on stuff to not get brand wise would be nice.

Also does anybody have specs on this truck?

I see the engine says 22r or 22re cant remember right now its 4am but either way what are the specs on this truck so far all I found is correct me if im wrong

Weight: 2800lbs
Displacement: 2.4liters not 2.2 like a nissan would be in engine code coding
Towing capacity: 3500lbs
Gas milage: ?
1/4: ? guessing high 16's

I would submit pictures but it has stickers all over it right now from the buisness owner and the color is yellow looks a little funky. Maybe within the next couple weeks.
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