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1994 4x4 22RE possible cracked head

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I've got a 1994 4x4 p/u that started overheating a few weeks ago. I changed the thermostat, no luck. I flushed and refilled the radiator, and it seemed to solve the problem, but only temporarily. I repeated the flush and fill a week later, and again, it lasted for about 1 week before overheating again.

Finally, I pulled the radiator and had it professionally cleaned. When reinstalled, on start up my engine poured steam from around the exhaust manifold and out the tail pipe. I guess the last overheat was more than the engine could take.

I think I've either got a blown head gasket or cracked head. What are my options? Local shop wants $600 - 700 to replace head gasket, and another $325 if the head has to be replaced. Is this about right for this work, or too high?

I've heard I can get a replacement 22RE 4 cyl. engine for around $1200 (remanufactured). Has anyone else gone through this?
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I found another shop that just did 2 of these last week. They say they charge $750 to change out the head gasket and the timing gears and chain while its all apart (which is a good idea because I've got over 130,000 miles on the motor). And if the cylinder head is bad it will only be another $150 for that.

Just for kicks I called the local Toyota dealer... to do the same work (head gasket & timing gear kit) they quoted $1,132.00 Then said a remanufactured cylinder head would run almost that much by itself if it was bad! That's nearly $2,000 to change a cylinder head! Talk about trying to break one off up your rear end! I couldn't help but laugh out loud, and thank them for their time to work up the quote.

So, I guess I answered my own question.
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