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1994 Camry Warm Up Time

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Hello all,

I was just wondering how long i should warm up my car for proper driving at average speeds. My car is a 1994 Camry with 150k and sometimes if i dont warm my car up when its cold and drive it right away it won't shift correctly and it will rev up to 4000rpm before it will shift. When i do warm it up for a few mins it shifts great. Is there anything harmful by warming up my car? I think its a good idea for me because my car shifts better when it sits for a few mins. I read other forums that say newer cars should only warm up for 30 seconds before driving but my car is older. Any advice? Thanks.
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I have a similar problem,
it takes my 94 camry about 5 minto warm up, if i dont, it wont shift into o/d
for a mile or so.
a mech.told me it was a no. 2 shift solinoid (sticking)
Havent fixed it yet they want $350
as far as the car not shifting into O/D until the car warms up it is normal. ALl Toyota automatics do this. It is in the owners manual.
Dang, thats good to hear, I thought it was just me.
wont worry so much now.
My guess is to run higher revs to make the engine warm up faster.

How cold is it where you are? I've never experienced anything like that. It gets down to about 30 deg F here and I've never experienced that problem
To the original poster - your car is considered 'newer'

Start your car, and drive lightly until the motor is warmed up. Its the fastest and best way to warm up the car. As the other posters said, it is normal for the transmission to hold gears longer when the car is cold to help the car warm up.

Thank you all for the advice. I'm glad to know that this is normal and i am not the only one concerned.
Our Camry does the same thing when it comes to not shifting into overdrive, so it's normal. It's also normal for the engine to idle at about 2000 RPM for the first few minutes (another way for it to heat up quicker.)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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