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Hey, I'm a new guy as far as forums but I recently got a 1994 Toyota 4runner SR5 off a guy for $2500. It has 165800 miles on it. I think I got ripped Bad because it has alot of work needed. I enjoy detailing and doing "Do-It-Yourself" work but I'm afraid to do something I cant UnDo so I thought I'd checkout some online forums. So far I've replaced the fuel filter (which was the original from 1994 if that can tell you just how bad this guy took care of it), changed the oil which I was told hadnt been done in at least 8K miles, the air filter is clean and in good condition, the guy told me that he replaced the "mass air flow sensor". I've dumped 2 containers of fuel injector cleaners/engine restorer in the past months that I've owned it. It's really sluggish when I try to accelerate from 0-30 quickly and seems like its having trouble shifting between those speeds. I'm looking to put a Flowmaster 70 series on it, along with some Bushwacker Fender Extenders, I May get some spacers. Any comments?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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