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1994 toyota corolla fuel filter

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Okay, so my car has 186,000 miles w/o a fuel filter change... I picked one up from napa got home, tried to replace but the bottom nut by the drivers side wheel well is basically fused to the fuel filter with rust. I'm assuming i'd have to run a new fuel line from the tank to fuel filter? Anyone have any suggestions? this is virtually impossible to get off. I fought with this thing all last sunday. I'm a DIY'er so i don't go to mechanics. Any help would be appreciated.

ps. I love my car.:laugh:
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It's not rusted shut. Just hard to get off but following the link I gave should help you.
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thanks, I'm new to these forums so forgive me for not realizing there was a thread on this. still figuring this site out but I greatly appreciate the info.
Soak the rusted on banjo bolt with PB-Blaster.
Then alternate between tightening and loosening to break through the corrosion.
Corrosion is not the issue. The flexing bracket is. I tried PB blaster a dozen times with overnight soaking in this one with no progress.

You'll have the same issue putting the new filter on, you'll likely think it's tight enough but there are a few more turns before it is tight enough to not leak under pressure. It's on really, really tight!
I got the banjo bolt off no problem. it's the bolt on the fuel line on the bottom. i used pb blaster too. but it's completely stripped now. when i say fused with rust i mean that. it's a no go hah.
PB Blaster is a double edged sword when you can't use a six sided socket since it will also make it easier to round bolt heads with a wrench. I usually use brake cleaner and wipe it off after a soak to avoid PB Blaster on the bolt head itself.

The bolt will come off fine once you support the bracket so it no longer flexes. Hopefully you didn't round it off so much that you can no longer get a wrench on it (or ideally a crow foot). If you accessed it through the fender hole and rounded it you can try accessing it from the top instead to get two non rounded sides. Remove the air intake hose and the evaporate canister and you will have room. Just clean off the PB Blaster first.
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If the OP rounded the fitting he wasnt using the proper wrench.

If a line wrench doesnt grip enough, you're only hope is vise grips.

I used a 14 mm line wrench and a 14mm crow foot. just way to tight. Also, went from the top and took out the charcoal canister and air-box and tried the wood trick behind the bracket. but the fuel line is pretty rusted so once that gives way i'll just replace everything. This was a pretty big let down for me because it's really such a simple task for the most part...I've done way more complicated repairs on my corolla too...Timing belt, water pump, struts, distributor etc. oh well, I appreciate everyones input. wish I had photos to show.
It is a tough one. I too struggled more with the fuel filter than timing belt and water pump despite the latter being much more complex.

I recall putting the wood block behind the bracket and a cheater bar on a wrench through the wheel well access hole and it finally came off no issues at all, after many failed attempts.

I then installed the new filter, tightened it really good and went for a short test drive. Upon returning I saw the bottom fitting leaking despite being in really tight. So I had to tighten it up even further.
If it makes you feel better, I gave up on mine and gave it to a shop. One of the few times I've ever done that.
Yeah, looks like I'm going to have to do that. I got to estimates one for $160 and another one for $250. crazy. not a top priority @ the moment. thanks though.
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