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1995 1MZFE Engine Wiring Problem

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I am putting a 3.0 V6 1MZ-FE engine out of a 1994 Camry XLE into my 1995 Camry LE with the same 3.0 V6 engine type. Unfortunately, the wiring harnesses are different. The 1994 has a single cooling fan driven from hydraulic fluid from the power steering pump. My 1995 has two electric radiator cooling fans operated from relays in the relay block in the engine compartment. Most of the wiring connectors are the same, but the wires connecting to the various pins in the connectors are different. Unfortunately, my 1995 wiring harness is badly damaged, or I would simply put the 1995 wiring harness on the 1994 engine. Would it be better to buy a used 1995 wiring harness or to cut and re-wire the incompatible parts out of the 1994 wiring harness?
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Can you take the parts off of the old engine and put them onto the engine you swapped in?
The engines are basically the same, you can swap out the sensors and parts from the original engine that are different and make them compatible with the existing harness. Like the thermostat housing and it's sensors this way it all plugs in like original.
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