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1995.5 Tacoma-which engine?

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What engine do I have in my 1995.5 Tacoma 2.7L? I think I have a blown head gasket and am considering what options are available, like possibly a used engine.

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Replacing the head gasket will not be as costly as replacing the motor, because the
replacment could have the same or worse issues in that old an engine. Bob
Maybe I'm not understanding what you're asking ...

If you're wanting to know the designation, your 2.7L 4-cylinder is a 3RZ-FE engine.
I'm not sure how to ask this, but if I look for a used engine for my truck, what information should I be looking for? Engine code?
4X4 is 3RZFE, 2WD is 2RZFE, year and engine code.
how many miles on the truck>?
i don't know if i'd be looking for a junkyard motor over a blown head gasket. you have no idea what you're getting when they give you a used motor out of a smashed up truck that they pulled out with a torch. you don't know how well the previous owner maintained that motor, or even if it has the same issue you're already having. not to mention, i doubt you'll be doing the work yourself right? the labor is going to be about twice as much as the labor for a head gasket job, not to mention the part cost.
i just don't see why you would do it. if you're going to replace the motor (?) at least spend the money and get a rebuilt, not junkyard. i would just put a head gasket on it though if i were you and save yourself the money and the hassle.
Good point and thanks. I was looking at a new Japanese motor, ( not sure by the way it's worded if it's OEM), on ebay.
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