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Hey guys, I normally post over in the '89 - '94 Truck section, but my sister owns a '95 Corolla, so I'm in here with a problem I just can't figure out! :thumbdown The thing is a 1995 Toyota Corolla, automatic transmission. Apparently she had a spare key made for the it while she was at my house for the weekend and she tested the spare key to make sure it works. After that, she went to leave, but said her normal key would not start the vehicle. I went out to have a look, and currently, the car key can go into the ignition, turn almost out of the lock position, but it stops for some reason, right before it gets to the ACC position. I've tried everything from a pick, the master key, jiggling the steering wheel, lock graphite, jiggling the wheel back and forth while my dad turns the key and jiggles the shift lever back and forth in park (admittably funny :lol:), and nothing! I examined the key that was made against the actual key and the ACE Hardware key is not even close. This key was put into the cylinder and turned a bit. Any ideas? :cursin:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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