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1995 Corolla Manuals

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I have searched this site but cannot find any manuals for a 1995 Corolla. The only thing I found was this thread. I searched google and ebay and found...
Haynes 93-97 Repair Manual
Chilton's 88-97 Repair Manual
95 Toyota OEM Factory Repair Manual
95 Toyota OEM Electrical Wiring Diagram Manual
95 Toyota Owner's Manual

Are there any other manuals available for a 1995 Corolla? I heard there is also a Toyota OEM Transmission Repair Manual, but I cannot find it. Anyone know where I can download any of the manuals available for the 1995 Corolla? Mainly looking for the 95 Toyota OEM Factory Repair Manual since it is year specific. The lights on my climate control face plate went out, and I'm wondering if I just need to replace a bulb, a fuse, or maybe something else?
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most likely it is a bulb that you need to replace if other parts of the dash still have the lights (instrument pannel, cigarette lighter, etc.)
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