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I have a 1995 manual transmission corolla, bottom of the line (doesn't even say DX in the back). manual windows and door locks...a really cheap car. However, having been my car for the past 5 years (2 years of which were in college), and having never broken down on me, i think i owe it a few upgrades.

1. Where can i buy a center console/arm rest attachment? right now, there's just a hole. I've seen a few selling on ebay that you just stick in and screw down but they're either the wrong color or someone's outbidding me like there's no tomorrow.

2. I don't have a tachometer. However, i've seen someone on ebay selling a discarded instrument panel from a higher end corolla (same year) that looks like it could fit mine. Could i just buy and install or am i missing the necessary wires to make the tachometer work?

3. and just out of curiousity (i don't intend on doing this), but how much would it cost to outfit my entire car with power windows and locks? I'm sure it would cost more than what my car is worth but it would just be interesting to know.

4. and finally, i've seen some corolla owners talk about the m3 rear view mirror lights. I've noticed that they have a light on them and i'm wondering if they would work on my corolla (because my corolla has manual adjustment mirrors). Am i missing the wires for this installation?
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