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1995 Rear Speakers

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I am looking for some rear speakers for my 4dr. 1995 Camry. Thanks
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best buy .... just go in there play around ask the guy what speakers would fit then get the size and then start looking at who makes them in that size i think there 6x9 not too sure but i think that was the size
yea they are 6x9s. also the stock ones are bolted on with a non 6x9 bolt pattern so you might wanna get some speaker plates
Thats the problem I have pioneer 6x9's but they do not match the toyota holes. Where can I get speaker plates?
^ i have pioneers in my have to drill holes in the back deck for them to mount...this should be in the audio/video forum so now you me and ill give you instructions on how to mount the 6X9's
Actually, I am prettu sure they are 5x7s. Because I had a set of 6x9s and they were too large.

ass for places to get them, Best Buy would be the last place I go. I'll be nice and hook you guys up.

Best places I have ever found for stereo equipment. I got my deck for half price. Check it out.
They are 6X9 in the rear for a gen3 unless you have the se perhapes?
Guys, this thread couldn't have come at a better time... I just looked at myself, and the 6.5 fronts and 6x9 rears will fit, this is good not only for you folks but me too-I just got a nice package from my aunt who is not using them consisting of a good Pioneer deck and those speakers and I can use them now!

Based on what I read in one of the other threads on this subject... this guy
is my friend lol

1) the rear speakers are quite a bitch... just to get to:D
2) to get the 6x9's to fit in back, you might need to drill new holes and use foam weatherstrip to get them to fit flush against the deck

hope this helped

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you dont have to drill new holes, i just set mine in flush and they are held down by the rear deck. works like a charm :cool: dont rattle or anything. way easier than trying to get a drill in there to make holes with that rear windshield in your elbow's way

also saw a guy makes his own mounting plates out of wood by using the stock speakers as a guide. speaker mounts to wood then the wood is bolted down...just another idea
Gen3cruiser said:
They are 6X9 in the rear for a gen3 unless you have the se perhapes?
XLE. Premium sound too. I must have just had oversized speakers. They had a massive magnet. Too bad I had to sell them :(

I had to drill holes for mine. Because the stock speakers use an irregluar 3 bolt pattern that is further out than aftermarket or any other speaker would be. Why this is done, I have no idea.
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