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1995 toyota celica st 5 speed Pittsburgh PA

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I have a 95 toyota celica 6gc (coupe) I have been Daily driving for the past year... I originally bought the car last November Ive put 25k on it so far since I have owned.... I have done about I want to say 5 oil changes so far, changed the plugs just 2 weeks ago... it was starting to not get the greatest gas mileage. When I first purchased the car at 15xxxx? I put a brand new clutch in the car.. I am the third owner of the car... original owner and most of its life was In texas so the car really does not have any rust on it being that its a PA car... Power stearing works, ABS, Heat works , AC works , sun roof works, CD Player Works, Car is also sitting on stock St185 alltrac wheels with Almost next to new Tires on them. ... the car itself at 176k is a great daily driver... other than putting in a new clutch it has never given me problems and Ive put a ton of miles on it as a commuter car... I average anywhere from 30-35mpg


-Ac works
-Heat works
-Sun roof
-Cd player works (stock)
-New wheel bearing
-5 speed
-New clutch
-New plugs, wires
-30-35 mpg.
-Clean title.

The bad

-was in a small Accident. At a very slow speed the airbags came out.. I never got them fixed.
-Car is not currently inspected, It has a emissions sticker till 8/10 though.
-In the accident the bumper got chipped up. From far away its not noticeable, but when up close you can tell......
-New wheel bearings and I even replaced the snap ring inside of the carrier bearing bracket. When I move one wheel around it still vibrates towards where ever that one wheel is... so I obviously have a bent rim... all the tires have really good tred on them... but there is some vibration when driving the vehicle.

I have other pics but here is one I can Use for now..I can be reached via email @ [email protected] as I dont really come on this forums very much...

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Is It Classified As A Salvage? How Much What Size Motor 1.8,2.2
Is It Classified As A Salvage? How Much What Size Motor 1.8,2.2
no PA title is still good... its a 5 speed 1.8l 7afe
1 - 5 of 5 Posts