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1995 v6 pickup xtracab

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how much can this thing tow and whats its payload?
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Toyota says payload is 1664 lbs but that amount includes your weight & any passengers, fuel & add-ons bolted to your rig, towing is at 3500 lbs but not to excede 6700 total weight for a 2x4 & 7400lbs for a 4x4 & prerunner, so of course you can't have 1/2 ton in the bed while towing 3500 lbs, my v6 2x4 weights 3400 lbs w/cap & I pulled 3250 of brick on a trailer & believe me I new it was behind me, I needed a lot of room to stop, trailer brakes would hae been nice. Darrin
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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