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1996 Camry 2.2 5FSE LE

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Alright...I'm out of ideas and im looking to you all for some brainstorming ideas...I have a 1996 Camry 2.2 5FSE Engine and for some damn reason ive gone through my second transmission in less than 2weeks. There were no warnings, no check light, no nothing given to me at the time they both failed. They've both gone out the same way...sitting still at a redlight and the tranny was fine when I stopped but when I went to go it just quit working...mysterious i know...I have yet to figure it out...But I need some ideas on what the culprit could be that has caused these 2 transmissions to go out the EXACT same way. I'm thinking it's either the crank or the ecm...But i havent really tore into it the second time to get it back out and figure out what went wrong...some ideas would be great...The transmission fluid from the first one was about the same color as motor oil...which was probably my fault but i figure it was original. I was afraid to change it and take a chance screwing it up but the original had 155k miles and the 2nd tranny had about 60k. This second time the fluid was perfect just put in. Just checked again today and its still at the same level it was. No Leaks. I really need some help guys. Thanks
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Boith trannies were old and already bad when you got them. The ECM won;t destroy it.
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