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I want to add LATER model Toyota ABS to my 1996 Camry. Any THOUGHTS?
I'm gravitating to Cellica.
I also want advice on a Brake Proportioning valve.
I also intend to graft twin piston calipers up front, with larger, vented discs.
I have lowered it 1.5" with all four Progressive Springs and New________ Struts.
(Buckle In, Bones.)
I have a block and heads being prepped. Forged Pistons, Longer Rods and________ flywheel and balancer by Lunati.
Stealth Nitrous and Methanol Injection. Modified air ducting, and MB injectors. An MS3 DIY CPU (form factor SHRUNK), expanded with Mapped________ Exhaust Bypass is already built.
F.Y.I.: This platform is designed to pull "Sleeper Points" in________ Express tech qualifications. (G.S.A.)
Mostly due to LOW mileage, Intrinsic Low Profile, Stock paint and interior, Stock engine bay and MOSTLY Stock exhaust, I might All In my Poker Run hand.
There are Trans, Electrical and Electronic upgrades planned after G-Tuning my Maps.
Appreciate you guys-
"Grandpa" on Meth.

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To add ABS will require swapping all of the brake lines (non-ABS pipes go directly from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve, ABS pipes go over to the ABS control module first, and then back to the prop valve), so get all of them from a donor Camry.

Also, you will need the master cylinder, the prop valve and the ABS control module itself.

Also, the engine room wire harness (the one that goes from the fuse block, above the radiator and over to the passenger side lower A-pillar) will have to be changed, and the ABS control ECU added behind the glove box. I am not sure, but you also might have to change the cowl wire harness (that's the one buried behind the dashboard, that runs just below the inside of the windshield).

Of course, you will also have to swap the half shafts, and the rear hubs, to get the ABS tone rings. One thing Toyota did for you on the '96 was they provided the wiring from the base of the A-pillars to the inner rear wheel wells for you (both sides). You didn't say what grade of '96 Camry you are starting with, but unless it is the base model, I've seen that rear ABS sensor wiring included in the floor harness on non-ABS vehicles.

If you try to fit ABS from a non-Camry, the challenge will be if its ECU will work with your vehicle's system, or if it is calibrated to your vehicle's mass and brake pressure. You'll be on your own with that aspect.

Adding ABS to a vehicle is a big undertaking, but if you already have the engine, dashboard and all the wire harnesses out, and have access to the complete donor vehicle (donor '96 for all the Camry specific parts) then it should work out for you.

Not sure what part from a Celica you think you'll be able to use.

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What he said, but in less words: buy car with ABS already there.
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Basically he's saying that the advice to just buy a different car is one of the dumbest answers to possibly give. It would be like telling you to just buy a new car instead of restoring yours.

Thrashfinger, there isn't much from a Celica to take that would line up properly. You would be much better off getting the parts off of a later Camry instead. They are also much easier to find in junk yards than a Celica is.
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