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1997 camry codes p0401 and p01133

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these codes have been plaging me for the last few weeks. my wife and i have owned the car for the last few years, and its always been reliable. before that, it was my fathers company car, so ive known the car for most of its 225,000 mile life. never been in an accidenty, always serviced by toyota, etc. so im doubting any hack jobs are to blame.

to fix these codes, i have taken apart the EGR system and cleaned it, replaced the gaskets, and reset the codes. Ran some seafoam through the last tank for good measure.

they remained off for about 100 miles, but came back yesterday. car is still running great, buy the way.

i have read that the VSV is to blame for the EGR code, but my father said that he kept getting codes a few years back and a new gas cap fixed the problem.

my question is: why are they concurrent? one will not set without the other. is there a problem that can be causing them both?

also, are the aftermarket VSV's any good? the nearest toyota dealer is about 50 miles away.

thanks for any help you can give me. id like to get the car inspected soon so i can get new plates.

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Aftermarket VSV at rockauto cost the same as OEM one at I'd go with OEM.

But first of all I'd take care of P1133 code, which mean Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2 sensor is bad (rear bank, front one). You may check the resistance between two black wires, it should be around 30 ohm, if I am not mistaken (Refer to FSM or Haynes).
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