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1997 Camry Engine Rumbles

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Hi Everyone,
I'm new here but I have a really important question: Lately, my 1997 Camry has been rumbling in the front, I am not sure if it is the transmission or the engine. I really don't know anything about cars, so I could be wrong as to where the rumbling is coming from. It seems to happen at low speeds and when I'm stopped at lights or crosswalks. It also happens when I am driving and I can't seem to speed up. Also, the check engine light has been on for a couple of months now, but I notice that when it rumbles or doesn't allow me to speed up, the check engine light starts to flash. I checked the engine oil and it was really low, so I added some more. However, it is still going on. Whatever help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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You need to get that check engine light read ASAP. You could be causing SERIOUS damage by driving around with that on. NOT GOOD at all. Run over to Autozone or your local auto parts place and get the check engine code read for free. That will help us figure out if these problems are related or not.
Thank you for your replying. I'm going to Autozone today to have them check out the engine light code. It is kinda scary driving around like that.
Check your dogbone (upper engine mount, clearly visible near valve cover) also, but the dogbone will not cause the engine light to go on if it fails. Look for torn rubber.
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