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I'm having some trouble modifying my '97 Camry (which is now repaired after NOT being totalled, for those of you who have seen my previous post). You can't get ANY custom parts for this body style unless it's an '00-'01.

Has everyone here seen those Dodge ram pickups that have a design on the tail lights that looks like, well, a Ram's head? What kind of cool designs can I put on my tail lights? (If anyone has pictures to give me ideas, that would be great). One idea I had was to do 5 or 6 lines of 4 long thin rectangles (kinda like some of the older Mustang GT's had in the late '80s to very early '90s). either that or slanted vertical lines. I don't want to do one of those mask jobs that only leaves circles visible where the bulbs are like Chevy does on the new impala SS, that kinda looks weird.

So any ideas? Oh and what color should I mask it with, opaque black or the same color as the car's body (Frosted Iris Metallic). If body color, where can I get this color paint?

I might smoke out the tail lights too. I figure if I go with black for the mask job, then it'll all look black when the tails are off, but light up a design when they're on. If I go with body color, let's face it... Frosted Iris would look better with black designs where the tail lights are than it would with red designs.

Thanks everyone!
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