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1997 Corolla Fuel Filter

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does anyone have a writeup for DIY on this??? i am pretty sure the fuel filter it in the engine bay on top but have not had a chance to look.. could someone confirm this for me??? i have changed on my TL but the bolts are pain in the ass.. should i expect the same for the rolla???
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i thought about changing mine..........then I took a look at where it sits.....i'd actually buy the new filter and take it somewhere to have it put in. just too much hassle
i found it on the diy section of looking for something else
i have it bookmarked on my other puter if you still need it just post a reply and i'll shoot it up here in the morning.
yes please.. i see it.. but it is buried behind the engine... hopefully the DIY helps...
Ive changed mine its a pain in the ass, to find it turn the wheels all the way to the right then follow the steering linkage through the round hole in the frame, the filter is tucked up in there. its a total pain, DO NOT try to remove the compression nut without a tube wrench then the top nut is 17mm and there are 2 10mm bolts that hold the filter to the car
any update on the link chewbacca???
try a manual, i have the chiltons one, and they make it sound sooo easyyyy.......but i'll probably bring it to a shop
KaMLuNg said:
any update on the link chewbacca???
here 'tis......i'm not quite sure this is the one i was looking at before, but its worth a shot.
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