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1997 Rav4

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I just bought a 1997 Rav4 from a used car dealership.... The place was terrible, but lesson learned. :sosad:

Anyways, I came to find that the upper timing belt cover is missing!! I have the lower one but next week I'm traveling 400 miles and will be camping so I need to get a replacement quick!

I'm wondering if any other year's of the Rav4 will have the same timing belt cover so I can find one easier from a junk yard.. The dealership's $69.99 is too expensive for me to afford after having to put in $400 of repair since I bought it a week ago. I shopped around at a few part stores and the dealership was cheapest I could find. I can't seem to find the part online either. Its very frustrating and I'm too affraid to travel without an upper timing belt cover.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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