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Ok so i have put messages up before so don't dissapoint.
On a Cross Country trip that just ended in San Diego my beautiful Girlfriend Spun out of control coming from the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood Oregon.
We were fortunate enough not to flip over but she hit the break and we rearended into this 10 foot snowbank and dented the tail gate.
I was wondering what is the best plan of action for fixing this.
Wondering if it would be easier to get a new Tailgate from a parted out T100.
Or would it be easier to get it pushed out from a body shop.

Another question.
I have my Spare tire rigged up with ratchet straps and it looks weird.
We have large tires on our truck and it doesn't fit up were it is supposed to.
I think i can bend the things that keep it from going up higher but thats not the problem.
I went to a mechanic and he said the thing that holds the tire up is broken and the only way to get it off is to take the bed off with at least 3 hours of labor.
Just wondering if anyone has discovered a way to do it conveniently.


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Replace the tailgate from a yard. Saves you a whole lot of labor costs.

If it's can unbolt it and drop it down Reweld the carrier to center on the bigger tire. You can git the crank mechanism from the yard as well. :D
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