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bought a 1997 tercel, good economical college car with close to zero trouble so far. Wanted to change the head unit in it, still has factory installed one. But before i went out and did what i wanted to do, i was just wondering if anyone could help me out and advise me on which ones i can or cant install in the car (if there any limitations basically), and secondly i was looking for a head unit with mp3 capability, so which one would be a good deal? budget is closer to 50$ but could go a little higher if need be. Thanks and appreciate it


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For 50 bucks, good luck, but you can get a Pioneer or a Kenwood for around $100 that would be able to play MP3 format. I'd throw in an extra $15 for the wire harness too. That way you won't screw up the wiring if you don't know. Any DIN sized radio will fit with no trouble. Good luck!
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