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Have DIY timebelt for this model?

this car has automatic tensenor, but I am not familiar on V6 timebelt.

My question is... do I need set CAM1 and CAM2 (camshaft 2) both with off half a teeth and also crank spocklet? worry when i release the automatic tensenor, the belt will jump and cause the belt to be mark off.

when I try to install the automatic tensenor, it feel tight when tight both screws... worry, i might strip the bolt, or is that normal?

do i install the automatic tensenor before the timebelt or after the timebelt?

does someone has DIY how to deal timebelt with automatic tensenor?

try to help a friend out...

on 6 cylinder, i need to rotate clockwise 720 degree to light up the marks...

does cam1 and cam2 need to rotate clockwise 720 to line up the mark?

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The belt shouldn't jump when you release the tensioner, but you may need to move one of the sprockets (your choice) by about a tooth to put the belt on. And when the marks line up, just pull the pin and you should be set.

The bolts of the tensioner, or any bolt in general, shouldn't feel tight unless it's got rust or deformed. The tensioner bolts should be tightened evenly a couple of turns each side, for example.

You can install the tensioner after putting on the belt. This gives you more slack.

You rotate the cams and crank to line up the marks with the backing. And after you're done you rotate the crank 2 revolutions and back to TDC. All marks should line up. If not, rinse, lather, repeat.

Search YouTube for V6 DIYs. Some of those are under Lexus V6. Same thing.
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