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OK guys I've been having this problem for a while and have been trying to figure out what's causing this... I'll start by saying the check engine light is in I've got it read it is the speed sensor... On the transmission so I replaced it and had no luck... but the story of the problem which I should tell you is that the tr[ansmission has problems shifting. When I first start it up it won't shift out of first gear until maybe a block a 4 thousand rpms.. than after that no matter if I stop or not it shifts like a dream.. except when I'm driving over 30 mph and let's say I'm going 55 and have to stop at a stop sign.. The car actually downshifts and you can feel it and see it on the rpms... than if you try to speed up right after 30 mph it seems to slip and than it will grip and switch gears.. The funny thing is it doesn't do this all the time.. Also this has been a problem for a year.. The check engine light a few months ago would actually shut off for a week that. The problem would happen again than maybe after 5 times of me driving the car shutting it on and off.. The light would go off and it would drive like nothing ever happened... It's really weird.. I have tried and tried to figure out the problem.. A tranny guy who looked at it actually didn't know much about toyotas. But he did seem to tell me that it seems that the computer doesn't know when to or even what to tell the transmission when to shift sometimes at a certain speed.. im.not sure but considering the problem it makes sense.. I'm afraid this will eventually kill my car if I don't fix it I need help people I'm car savvy so tell me your ideas! Also I have one more clue I can't run my cruise control for that long with out it shutting off and blinking! And sometimes it just won't work unless k shut off the car and turn it back on with the check light still on.. and yes I've cleared the code many times sometimes it won't come.back for a week! Please help! Also I cleaned all the connectors o the speed sensor.. and one more update I the winter the CEL was off 90% of the time and in the summer is always on and shifts funny.
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