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I just got a company car with my new position. I just finished a complete paint detail on this pearl 1998 A8. It has 114,000 miles, and the transmission has been rebuilt, the timing belt replaced, and scores of other minor things have been done to it (new driveshaft, brakes are 20K miles old) tires are 60% life left. I have owned the car since it had 70K miles and have used it for sales calls around the midwest, mostly highway miles. I average 23.6mpg, so that should tell you I spend most of my time on the highway. I have not reset the mileage computer for at least 6 months.

I will post a picture, but this car is truly worth seeing in person. I want to get $8000 for this car, and you should be able to drive it for several years. I planned on keeping it until 200K or more, and many owners on in the A8, D2 forum have driven them to 250K miles. Engines are designed to last a long time, transmissions-- well that is another story. I had to rebuild mine at 90K. Not cheap.

THis car has hot and cold weather package, and all available options in 1997. I have used Mobil 1 since I got the car, and it does not consume any oil between 5000 mile changes. It has a small oil leak from the lower pan gasket which I am replacing before sale consumation (I have the gasket, but will have to have it installed). All underhood rubber hoses were serviced when I got the car, and valve cover gaskets, 4-electrode Bosch Platinum plugs were replaced within the last year too. It is a very high performing car, and the shocks and struts are still perform well. I have replaced a few of the control arms and fixed an oil cooler leak that is an infamous weakness of the car too.

I recently had the rear bumper shell repainted, and it makes the car look very "showroom" like. If you live where it snows, this car will keep you very safe when things turn nasty. You might find that you ENJOY bad weather when you own this car..... I like driving on the snow-covered lane on the interstate where no one else drives.

I am located in the Chicago NW suburbs (Palatine). PM me if you are interested.
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