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1998 Avalon Tail Light

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Hey guys!!

I'm looking for a replacement drivers side rear tail light lens for my 1998 Avalon. I'm having trouble finding it and I don't want to dish out a fortune to get it from the dealer!! Any suggestions where I may get one in good condition at a good price??

Thanks!! :)
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If you do not want to pay dealer prices, you will pretty much have to find one at a junkyard in decent shape(that's how I got mine replaced), they should be able to pull the part for you too(maybe for a bit extra).
I see a bunch of tail light assemblies on eBay, but only for the 95-96! You could go to a local body shop and see if they sell aftermarket ones too.
There is an outfit out here in GA called Keystone. They sell aftermarket taillamps and such. Not sure if there is one in your area or not. If you OEM the assembly part# 81560-AC030 Has an MSRP of $254.65 and I would sell it to a TN member for $178.26. The lens is a 81561-AC030 has an MSRP of $223.85 and TN member price of $156.70. These are Genuine Toyota OEM parts from a Genuine Toyota Dealer. I only charge actual shipping Costs plus a couple of bucks, I do mean a couple of bucks, for materials, etc.

If you have any questions, whether it is for parts or not, don't hesitate to contact me. You can PM, I am in the forums everyday just about, you can email me at [email protected]; visit our website at, or call me direct at 678-854-9601.
You can check It has an inventory of many of the auto yards in America. I bought a new fender for my Saturn for a third of dealer cost. Like Chunky said, junk yards are a great place to find parts, and they aren't always "junk."
I just want to add, that I gave you MSRP and My price so you have an option. I have all to many times seen junk yards charging just as much if not more than what you can get at a dealer. So, to all of you, if you do use junk yards, and they are a great alternative, I am not stupid, just check what a new OEM is before you go buy.

Good Hunting
just check what a new OEM is before you go buy.
I was in need to replace a window regulator for a 2004 Colorado. Going to auto zone, they said it would be in next day and it was $120 dollars.

Next day, go to autozone, pick up the part. dosent fit in the car, its the wrong side. So I return it, and they order a new one. After picking up the "new" regulator, it was still the wrong part.

Go to advance auto, same price. Even after emphasizing what side, and comparing old part to the catalog photo, after two days its the same story as autozone.

Fed up, I went to the chevy dealership, had the correct part next day, and the total cost was $105 for a GM part.

So many people avoid the dealership because the thought that OEM parts and service are expensive. Where as non-OEM companies are starting to abuse the trust they have in their customers.
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