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So I bought a Black 98 Toyota Camry a few years ago and let me tell you, this is a NICE car. Black exterior, tinted windows, leather seats, AC, AT, Power windows and doors, alloy wheels, etc.... It ran great for a while, and once I changed the oil and transmission fluids..... a knock appeared. I tried everything to save the engine, but it was no use.

I put a brand new engine in the car in Jan 08'. I got 5000 miles into the engine and while my wife was driving it one day, the top of the radiator cracked and spewed all of the coolant out. By the time she realized the overheating and pulled over, the damage had been done. So what I have now is a 98 Camry with a new engine, radiator, brakes, tires, power steering rack, etc.... Basically the car is new everywhere in the engine compartment.

At the very least, the head gasket blew (no compression in the middle two valves). I cannot say for certain if the heads are warped, or if there is any internal damage. I am no longer willing to put any more money into this car. Someone who has the know-how or connections may be able to spend $1000 and have a great car on their hands.

What I am looking to do is trade my Camry for a small pickup that runs. It can be a pink and bondo color 1980 isuzu for all I care, as long as it runs strong. I'm looking for an even swap here, with no money changing hands, just titles.

Any takers? I have pics for those who are interested.

I am located in Winter Park, FL
Contact: [email protected]
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