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I own a 1998 corolla le with an 1zzfe that makes 120 hp /122 tq. I was wondering if I can put a 4age Blacktop 20v into this car. Since my car is an auto (A245E), I was planning to keep transmission and use a Transgo shift kit. But here is the problem, I live in Georgia, Douglasville and there are emission testing sites all over the place. LOL is there any chance of passing ? The emissions guys don't know either. My Budget is $3000.

I know they stopped making this engine in 1998.
I know the blacktop is obd 1 my car is obd 2
I don't if there's a vvti version.
I know that there's a possibility of failing a visual test.

Here is a video that I saw with an 8th gen corolla 4age swap.

Here are some videos that I saw with an 8th corolla moving with a 4age.

2. As I was scanning through the forums. I found a thread about the 3sge and 3sgte swap into this model. Someone said that the swap could be done under $3000. You just have to know where to go. Is that true ?

3. What kind of Supercharger can go with the first gen 1zzfe besides the trd supercharger? I don't know if the engine will last with a M90 supercharger, although they were able put that into a spyder with an 1zzfe

4. If I can't do none of those above I maybe have to go turbo. one question, Are All TurboChargers Universal ? Would a Nissan SR20 SR20DET Garrett T28 turbo fit an 1zzfe from toyota?? Is it any different from a Mitsubishi Eclipse T28 or from whatever turbo kit stores have to sell ?

Has anyone had a problem with fastwayracer from ebay? They even have their own website.
Do those people have a clean reputation ?

I'm trying to go custom what are the best Turbos to work with the izzfe ?

5. finally, a 2zzge with auto swap. I was planning to go auto with apexi pfc ecu so that I can get lift to start at 5000 rpm. Is there an shift kit for the U240E ?


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Several things are going against you on this level of swap.

One is emissions, if your area follows I/M 240 emissions regulations. OBD-I engine swap will automatically cause the car to fail, as they cannot query the I/M status that is present on OBD-II systems. It is non-trival to make a OBD-I act like a OBD-II - don't have the required sensors, cost more than your budget to get a fully vetted EMS system to make this happen, easier to go the other way around.

Second, by keeping the A245E automatic transaxle, it will effectively negate any performance gains you could pickup from such a swap. This is your Achille's Heel. Especially on the higher RPM power plants - like the Blacktop and the 2ZZ-GE - the gearing on the 4-speed will kill it. Less so with the 3SGE/3SGTE, as they can just power through the transaxle - but then you are risking transaxle failure. Even with a modest power gain (think TRD supercharger on the 2003-2004 Corollas 1ZZ-FE, added 66HP ontop of the 130HP from the factory) - many experienced transaxle problems that will NOT be fixed by a shift kit.

Thirdly is the budget. $3K is not a lot of money to pump into a project like this, unless you have a lot of help from people that are willing to kick in time for cheap or free. Swaps like this can easily run into $5K-$10K, especially for those hard to account "incidentals", little things that add up over time. You should also account for additional repair / wear and tear / supporting modifications (suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, chassis stiffening, etc.) - as it is not a matter of if some parts will break during and after the swap, it is a matter of time. Stuff WILL break with this level of swap. Building on a smaller budget is a recipe for disaster - unless you've done this sort of swap / engine modification - you'll burn through that budget in a heart beat.

I'll throw another option out there. Instead of trying to bump up the power of the car, which is one of the more expensive ways to bump the performance - try and cater to the car's natural tendancies / key weak points.

Example: Suspension and brake modifications, OEM springs and brakes are designed for compliance and good life/reliability. Even mild upgrades here will have a huge impact on the overall performance and handling of the car. Couple this with a quality tire and light alloy wheel package - you can literally run circles around more powerful cars. Best bang for the buck.

Lighten the car - remove mass that is not needed, loose the 1/2 ton sub and amps, reduce your CG with lighter weight paneling, but also be sure to augment the chassis with braces and additional support. You can trade a little weight with added strength to make the most of the chassis.

Think of investing in a manual transaxle swap - will automatically lose close to a 70-80lbs in this swap. Much more performance options available for the manual transaxles, by design can handle more punishment than the automatics. Will be almost a requirement to make the most of future modifications.

Some lower cost engine modifications with tangible power gains - upgrade the cams, couple this with a good intake/exhaust system, an engine management is a requirement and with tuning, will likely consume the majority of your budget.

Unless the 1ZZ-FE you have is on its last legs - don't mess with it. Most abandoned projects start exactly like this - huge vision, smaller budget. On other platforms - like Honda or Nissan, you might be able to swing that. But starting with a Toyota is a much more difficult challenge. Much less aftermarket support, what support there are is quiet expensive. Toyota doesn't not has as large of a enthusiast base - so not many people you can ping on for help, little resources.

Don't want to discourage you - just want to give you some options, think about what you really want. Many of us have been there done that - myself, I cut my teeth on 60's and 70's domestic muscle cars (think pushrods, V8, monster displacement) and later Hondas when they were first introduced. Back then, the internet was in its infancy and pretty much everything you needed, you had to fabricate yourself. Now, you just pick up an import turner magazine - want to do a LS/VTEC Franken-motor - just check a couple of boxes and get a pre-made kit shipped straight to your door.
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