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1998 Corolla LCA bushings go bad yearly

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So, every year when I get my car inspected it fails for bad bushings. I buy brand new lower control arms with brand new bushings already set in. They aren't cheap and they are annoying to change. I don't understand why they go bad each year. One year I think the garage was just being picky, but now it's time for another inspection and they are looking pretty torn up. Anyone have any ideas why they keep going bad so quickly? This has become quite a pain. Thanks.
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Almost anything else worn in the suspension will put more stress on other components. So I'd recommend inspecting the remainder or the suspension. I'm guessing these are probably aftermarket replacements? If so I'd recommend coughing up the money for Toyota replacements. Most of the aftermarket stuff is junk. Most of the stuff I have bought I've had to use liberal amounts of the warranty, before replacing with a Toyota part.
Thanks man. I have been buying aftermarket parts. And I guess I could fork out the cash for one or two from Toyota. I get what your saying about it being other things, but I think everything down there looks good. It is either new or in pretty decent shape. I had someone suggest that since it is a front wheel drive, there is a chance that I could be wearing them out by having my wheels turned before accelerating from a stop, like from a stop sign or a red light, which apparently puts undue stress on the CV axles and the bushings... any thoughts on that theory?
Well after reading this,i bet thats what alot of the noise i am getting from the front is.I replaced mine about 1-1 1/2 years ago.I agree with you man,they are not fun to change though not difficult either.
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