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1998 corolla - peeling interior door trim

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i've been shopping around for a used 1998 toyota corolla for my wife, and many of the ones i've seen have had the inner door lining peeling. it's the vinyl trip that goes over the top of the door. is this a common problem, as i've seen it on 3 of the 5 cars i've looked at.

does the dealership sell replacement liner and is it easy to install?
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the dealer would most likely rip you off on that. they might even tell you that you have to buy the whole assembly. try the yards first. thats your cheapest bet
My '98 is getting loose also, it seems to shrink and pull away as the years go by. I just ignore it and keep driving. The car is 9 yrs old, don't try to make it perfect.
^ Dude is right. Same deal for our '98. Not worth it in the long run considering it's an old car. If it were a '05 or later vehicle, then yeah I would go straight to the dealership and confront on that issue.
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