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1998 Prius Transmission Oil Leakage

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Hi Guys,
Just bought a Prius MK1 (NHW10) which was a Jap import in New Zealand in August 2003. Before I bought the car I knew that it has got a transmission oil leak. We have inspected it a bit more in detail. There is drain/vent hole on the bottom of the motor housing which is used for draining out any leak. The transmission oil is leaking through this hole. I have now kept the car in my garage and put a paper underneath. Will inspect this evening to see if there is any spillage. I will suspect that there might not be any spillage at all. I would think it would only happen when the car is moving and the transmission oil is churning.

In order to inspect this leakage, the engine needs to be taken out. Understand that that there is a master switch on the back of the car attached to the main battery. Is it safe to turn the main battery off with the help of this switch and then work on the engine? Will that reset the Navigational system? What implication the main battery will have if it is turned off.

See the problem here in New Zealand is Toyota does not want to know that MK1 owner exists in this country and other mechanics do not have much expertise to handle this car. Hence we owners have to be quite knowledgeable in order to service this car.

If some one can share a service manual for MK1 or MK2 (NHW10 or NHW11), that would be the best. I would not think that there is a lot of change in MK1 or MK2. Understand that in US, people should be having MK2 service manual in English.

Going back to my earlier query, I need to have this Transmission oil leaking problem sorted. Appreciate all kinds of help. Please let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards