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1998 T100 Electrical issue

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Hi All,

When lights are on left turn signal (front and back) will not work; left turn signal arrow on the dash lights up but does not blink. Lights off left turn signal will work but radio and environmental control panel back lights blink. Right signal (front and back) will work with lights are on or off but when lights are on front parking light will not light but will blink when turn signal is activated and back turn signal light stays on but does not flash. Hazard lights will not flash when lights are on but will when lights are off. Replaced all exterior bulbs. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for the help!
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Check yer wiring harness fer the stalk under the steering column...
Same Exact Problem

I have the same exact problem with my truck. The problem didn't exist when I bought it a few weeks ago, but is a constant issue now. I thought it was related to the front end damage sustained by the previous owner when he hit a deer. In addition, the right rear parking light is weird (on,off, flickering), probably just a bad ground somewhere. I didn't get a chance to crawl underneath (snow on ground, no place indoor to check it out). I am anxious to figure it out. Whoever finds the fix first, please post. Thanks!
V-8 Volvo,

My problem ended being associated with the factory installed wiring going to my trailer hitch wiring harness located in the undercarriage. Once the dealer bypassed the switch/harness, all functions returned to normal; trailer lights worked fine too. Hope this helps.
That's great news!

Glad that it worked out for you.
I had my truck at my buddie's garage getting some tires put on(found a set of 4 dunlops from an 08 Tacoma with 10k on them for 125.00). I didn't get to spend much time on the lights as I was more concerned with the clunking up front. The pitman and idler arms are the culprits, so I guess I'll be ordering them before long. By the way, as far
as ordering parts, I highly recommend Their prices and selection are great and shipping is pretty quick. I ordered almost everything to go through my truck and have been getting a box from them every day for the past two days. It's like Christmas every day!
Are there any other wiring taps in yer system? Suspect the trailer adapter/harness. It should be an easy unplug unless they are taps.
Lighting Issue Solved

As soon as I took the trailer light adapter out of the circuit, everything went back to normal with the exception of the Rt rear parking light which ended up being a bad scotchlock connection. Also, someone had probed every taillight wire with a test light, leaving a sizeable hole in every wire. I plan to pull each wire out of it's connector (one at a time), and put a piece of shrink tubing on to seal out the elements.
I plan to pull each wire out of it's connector (one at a time), and put a piece of shrink tubing on to seal out the elements.
You shouldn't have to do that. Just clean the wire really well and use some liquid tape you can find at the hardware store. It will seal it up really well.

After you cleaned out the socket, did you put some dielectric grease in there? You can pick that up at the auto stores. Works really well at keeping out water... :D
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