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1998 Toyota Corolla P0115 Code Help (Might be 1997 engine)

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Hi guys I joined the forum. I've desperately been trying to fix my girlfriends 1998 Toyota Corolla. (Might have 1997 engine thought not sure)

She had the check engine light come on and had the code pulled and the code that came out was the P0115. I know it's Engine Temperature Sensor Circuit. We went out and bought a new one see picture below. The problem is we tried to replace it and what we thought was the engine temperature sensor but it looks different. The one we tried to replace the connection was completely different. The one her car was Shaped like a "D" connection and the one we bought is a triangle shaped connection. Also the end that goes into the engine is different as well.

I guess my I have 2 questions.

1) Where is the Engine Temperature Sensor located exactly? Pictures would help tremendously.

2) Is there a difference between a 1997 Engine Temperature sensor and a 1998 Engine Temperature sensor?

Sensor I bought to replace on the car

Drawing of the Sensor connection that I took out. Located behind Alternator.

Please any help would be useful. Thanks.

P.S. I have noticed her car start to idle higher from time to time on it's own when in park.
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The new sensor with triangle plug appears to be for a 1998.

The sensor with the D plug appears to be for the 1997.

The 1998 and 1997 appear to have differant engines.

Visit the Rockauto website and check out the coolant sensors. The site has photos of the various parts.

I've been suspecting that. I've been looking for pictures everywhere to see if I find one similar. Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely check to see if that is the right part. Thanks.

Do you know where the engine temperature sensor is located on a 1997?
Help please

Here is the part I'm trying to replace. Is this the engine temperature sensor aka water sensor?

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