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My old 98' Sienna was the warmer place around for a cat in the neighborhood. It seems that while the cat was trying to get on top of the engine he decided to help climb the engine grabbing the spark plug wires until the inside of the cables was visible. The car started a few weeks ago to suddenly shut down so I thought that might be related to the wires.
I just changed the wires with a Denso set. Once done, started the engine and the car now idles like a diesel truck, super-rough and after a few minutes will just choke and will shut down.
Start it up again and will keep running for a while but will shut down at any moment. At idling, RPM's stay at 800 which I think is normal for this car. Check engine light started to flash a few times and then will go off.
Main suspects are faulty fuel pump or an ignition coil. I read that also a dirty IAC valve or MAF sensor can cause rough idling but have never messed with these. I still have to take it to the mechanic and see if there are any codes that can indicate a failure of some type. I bought the car with less than 100K miles in excellent condition, was taken care all the time at the dealer with no major issues until my wife had an accident but got it fixed and was still running very good until now.
Car is close to 245K miles. I barely use the car as I'm working from home but my wife uses it to go shopping and running errands and she needs it. I might be able to get a car in a few months but for now is the only one we have and don't want to spend a lot of money on a car that has been really good for many years but is now too old and is worth almost nothing.
Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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