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Hi, this site has been helpful to me over the past years and hopefully you can help me again. My gear shifter cable broke off at the attachment in the front of the car.
I have called a few garages and they all said that the parts are no longer available. My question: Is the gear shifter cable for a 1999 toyota Camry 3.0 engine V6 engine the same as a 2.2 engine Camry?? Does anyone have a site where i might be able to buy one? I watched a couple videos of how to change the cable and it seems doable ( I am not a mechanic ) but it looks like I would have to remove a large rubber hose (radiator hose?) to gain access to the cable in the front of the car. Does anyone have some suggestion as to make this easier to do? Thanks for any input....... my situation is my car has 250,000 miles on it, I think it drives well. I just had new tires and complete new rear brakes done on the car, and then the cable snapped. I would like to attempt this myself, but I need to know how to get a replacement cable. thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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