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Well, This may be wrong forum for sale but admin, feel free to move it if you like.
Just got a honda element for wife So will be driving her Corolla. I am selling my Camry.

Year : 1999
Trim : CE
Milage : 176000
Location : Fort Worth, TX
Maintenance : synthetic oils all the time every where (engine, transmission, break, PS) and changed engine oil religiously @ every 3500 while under warranty and after that every 6000 miles, transmission oil has been changed every 25K miles religiously. 95% highway driven. Recently changed Timing belt and water pump, Brand new toyota battery.

Front Breaks were installed last year. Rear break pads were good so I didn't changed it but since i bought it, it is in my garage and comes with car. Tires are old but could drive another 8K to 10K miles. Has after marker wood trim installed. It had an accident two years back and has a bent radiator suppot under hood (not visible). Clean from inside.

I am looking at $5000.
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