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1999 Camry - what size rims?

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im lookin into buying rims for my camry but what size should i go? im more into the show luxury style car.. so i want chrome and big.. im debating 18"-19" or 20" if they will fit.. what size does everyone else have?

any pictures on 20s?

thanks guys
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go for 18's 19's max. With 18" go with a 235-40-18 for the tires, for the rims use 43mm offset. 18x7.5". You will also have to cut/roll rear fenders.
^ i didn't have to cut/roll my rear fenders. Then and again, i only used 225-40-18.

If you go 19's, you'll have to really look into it, cause that's even cutting it close. tires will rub and i'm not sure about the fitment. some say it'll work, some will say it won't. But if anything, don't go 20's on a stock camry. Only if you mod the wheel well for the the wheel to fit into.
^ whats your offset? Im running 225-40-18 with a 7.5" wheel with 43mm offset and my rear rubbed. But I cut the rear fenders and it came out perfect. It actually handled better than my other rims which were like 38 mm offset.
trd is that the 17s that is on your signature camry? and did you get that custom painted?

they're 18's. the color is spectra blue mica, custom painted.
see i like your car and rims.. but i kinda want

just curious how much was the paint job because im wanting to paint mine blue too.. not that blue though more of a royal metallic
Paintjob with some minor body repair came to 1400. Cerritos autobody. My neighbor works there. Look into indigo ink pearl. Or stratosphere mica for ideas.
thats not too bad for the paint job i paid $2300 for minor body work and passenger side of my old f150 to get painted.. but i didnt know anyone working there and its a bigger vehicle so more paint.

i gotta hookup now at sherman williams and i gotta buddy who is certified to paint so ill have to see what i can get it down to for a descent wetsand and paint.. i also want 2-3 clear coats.. for a deep shine..

either bmw blue or like the color of my girlfriends 01 lexus es300.. its a silver color with like metallic flakes.
Im looking into getting 18x8. The Kruz k-4 ( Does anyone see any problems with this rim?
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