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19's soon to be on camry need a little input please.

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hey guys, its been quite a long time since I posted on here and just want to check in and see how you all are doing. I have a question for you guys as well.

I have aquired a set of RSL Elite rims. they are 19x7.5 with a 48 offset(listed on back of wheel, i hope that is the right number.) anyways, they are on a 215/35/19 nankang tire. My question is, with that offset...will i need lonnger wheel studs? reason being is when they are mounted the lug nuts wont screw in all the way dut to hole clearence. Are there special lug nuts i can buy or something? thanks is a teaser pic :)

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Get some spline drive lug nuts (Muteki or other brand) to get the lug nuts to go all the way down.

You will probably want a 10mm spacer in the front and 15-20mm in the rear to get it to look right and clear the struts. When you get the spacers (H&R or Ichiba make good hubcentric spacers) they will come with longer studs.

Do you already have the correct hubcentric ring for the wheels?

i dont have any hubcentric rings or anything, what do i need?
i dont have any hubcentric rings or anything, what do i need?
Check out the question in this FAQ about hubcentric rings:

I don't know what the hub bore is on the wheels you have, but the Camry hub center diameter is 54.1mm. You will need to get a set of rings to help center the wheel to avoid vibrations at high speeds. You can get a set of them on eBay for cheap once you figure out the hub bore of your wheels.

Paint looks nice but please remove the gay looking fender vents--they only belong on Oldsmobiles and Maseratis.
^^^^^what he said!!! ^^^^^
^^^^ what he said!!! ^^^^
now that i think about it.....ur right nuron....when this little project is done, new pics to follow!:D

also the bore is 73mm from what the guy from the golden apple corp said. would these be what i need?
yup those.. and some muteki open ends in black would look nice
Paint looks nice but please remove the gay looking fender vents--they only belong on Oldsmobiles and Maseratis.

yeah hes right they dont belong on our toyotas and they just dont look right.
buicks Oldsmobile and maybe a few Chevy Luminas BUT Thats It.
did you do something to the fenders to make it look like that?If not that is nice but the left side of the fender looks a little awkward to me.
its proally just the picture, ill get some new ones up soon enough though.

does anyone know of a place online where I can get a RS Limited wheel?

The only site where I can buy a single wheel is here

they want $20 to sign up and become a member, and they have warehouses

that they search in, no phone number or contact info until ur a member, wtf?

the whole site looks like a joke to me, wadda yall think?
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That seems like a scam to me. I'd look else where.
Nice can't wait to see it done but I'm with everyone else on the stick on fender vents. Remove asap! I couldn't believe that when I saw it. Almost wanted to punch the computer screen.
what do ya'll suggest removing them with without damaging the paint?

Also, im having a hella time finding a replacement wheel, any ideas?

thx you guys!!!
Use a heat gun or a blow dryer to melt the adhesive.
i found a local welding place here in town that does a lot of wheel work, so it looks like i will be up and running by this weekend for sure, pics will be up by the weekend :)
nice can't wait.

well , turns out i need to get some spacers for the rear, because they barely rub the strut. tHE front has no rub at all and I can fully turn the wheels also.

It looks like I have a 1/4 of an inch to play with in the rear before I would have to roll the inner fender lip which is like 1/4 inch.

I think 5mm in the rear would be ok what do you guys think?
pics would help.
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