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19X8.5 Fit on a Gen4 camry

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I really do apologize if this is a repost, or it's been mentioned to death...
I'm looking into upgrading my wheels but tried 18x8.5 a while back and wouldn't work sols those for 18 x 7.5
but with the 8.5's.. the inside of the rim pretty much sat on the rear sway bar so the car couldn't move.

so my question is there any gen 4 owners with any kinda 19's on their car, and if they are running a 19 x 8.5 wats the offset..
i'm hoping i had the wrong offset before with the 18x8.5

any help would be much appreciated:thumbsup:
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i like the cam.

hmmm...never seen any gen4's with 19's that weren't chrome...but i don't talk to them. they hurt my eyes.

this is the largest size i think will fit. if there is larger i dont know.

19X9 5-100/114. 42SM

ive never seen anyone with a cam and 19x8.5
good point. hmm...well if he goes slow and takes turns careful he won't rub too much ^_^

but fun.
19s would look so sexy on a camry
stock93cam said:
19s would look so sexy on a camry
gen3's and 4's look like they had lift kits put on them without being lowered with that big of wheel. but is sexy.
You have the coilovers, right? The strut and the spring are narrower which allows you to have more room. Lemme check it out Billy. I might be able to cruise over and do some measurements for ya. OR Have you tried to fit Richards wheels?
that's what he plannin to do :D after he gets his coils in
As soon as i get back from Miami.. i'll try on your rims Rich, lets keep our fingers crossed! 19x8.5 :thumbsup:
i can't wait to upgrade my V-Spec coilovers to Tein super street coilovers! whoo hoo.. soon very soon!

19's on a camry ... mmmmmmMmmmmm :licklips:
nice bill, send me the pics when you get home and also of what rims ur thinkin about
UfoZ8myCow said:
ohhh you are picking up richards volks?? niiiice... thatll look SICK on your car billy, if they fit.
lets not start any rumors there BUDDY but Rich's rims are niiiiice! :wowza:
actualy i think some one on the forms has 19's on his cam....I mean in dayton (where i live) some dude has 20's on his gen 3 so its very possible
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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